How will CGI-DFSAP software help me?

This program will allow you do to get the following:

* The nonlinear displacement and rotational spring stiffnesses at the pile head or pile group
* Deflection, moment, shear and soil reaction along the isolated pile and individual piles in a group
* The degradation of pile bending stiffness ( EI) up to failure (i.e. moment-curvature
* The consideration of group action among piles in the group with no need to p-multipliers or reduction factor
* Consideration of soil liquefaction in the free- and near-field including limited and full soil liquefaction
* Consideration of lateral soil spread

How fast can we get and use the software once we place an order?

The program package will be emailed (13 MB) and the protection key will be delivered in 2-3 days in the US and 5-6 days overseas.

What are the system requirements needed for this software?

The program works under Windows 7, 8, and 10. You may need to run the program as Administrator. It has not been tested on mac. 

What is included in our purchase?

The purchase includes the software package, Dongle Key. The manual is integrated into the package as a pdf file accessed from the program or independently. One Dongle Key (i.e. single license) is offered with the basic package. Additional keys (i.e. licenses) are also available for purchase.

How does the Dongle Key work?

The Dongle Key is a USB key that needs to be attached to the USB port as long as the program in use. For the first time after program installation, the key needs 2-3 minutes to automatically adjust its files.

Will my software automatically update to the latest version? – will we pay for updates – how will we be notified about updates?

CGI will notify the users on any update of the program that will be with no cost for limited updates or any bug corrections. For major updates, the client will pay just the difference between both prices.

How to I interpret the results?

The program provides plots for results and numerical files that can be accessed from the program through the output bottom options. CGI also offers a full year of free technical support on data interpretation. The full-day training course (theory and applications, ——) is also offered per client request. Cost, date, materials can be arranged with CGI.

Can I export/print/save the results?

Yes, all input and output data can be exported and printed.

If I am experiencing issues with the software or Dongle Key how do I get support?

A full year of free technical support is offered after the purchase of the program. However, CGI has no time limit to support the Dongle Key or software installation problems.

Does the software collect any of my personal information?

No, our software collects no information.

Does the software contain any third party applications or adware/spywares?

No, and never will.

If you have further questions please contact us via our form below. Thank you.