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About CGI

CGI specializes in developing software for rational and effective solution of Soil-Structure-Interaction (SSI) problems for use in addressing the interface encountered in engineering design. CGI uses the strain wedge method in modeling variety of SSI problems encountered in engineering projects. Risk Targeted Performance Based Engineering approaches for design require inclusion of proper representation of SSI issues in the computer models. CGI computer programs DFSAP and SSAP help in developing the proper soil-foundation-structure-interaction handshake parameters in developing responses for the performance based design.


The computer program CGI-DFSAP provides direct assessment of the three-dimensional / rotational spring stiffnesses of an isolated short, intermediate or long pile/shaft or similar stiffness of a pile/shaft group with or without cap. For more information please see the Overview Page

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CGI-DFSAP 4.0 Can be installed on individual desktops for separate users or on a network server for several users. Provides new input data windows with different screen designs.
It maintains the same analytical capabilities/capacities of CGI-DFSAP 2.0.

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The computer program Stabilized Slope Analysis using Piles CGI-SSAP is a design tool by which the designer/researcher can select an economic pile size to stabilize slopes. For more information please see the Overview Page

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